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Oneside of the cabinet sink shou ldbechosen to facilitate the connection of drain hoses of the dishwasher.
please checkthe accompanying installation accessories (hookfor aesthetic panel, screw).
The aesthetic wooden panel could be processed according to the figure 3.
The aesthetic panel should be processed in accordance with the illustrated dimensions

The following things should be checked before starting the dishwasher.
The inlet and drain hoses are knotted
The rapid indicator light flicker fleetly
Normal work surface-secure to the work surface by using two woodscrews ensuring the dishwasher weight is not being hit by the surface (Illustration 6).

The display shows the time message, you can adjust the time.
Dear all,
I have a new project for translation and edition, from English into Russian. It is an IT brochure about prepaid calling cards. Legal terminology is also involved. Format is MS Word. Trados is required.
The wordcount is about 1300 words.
Deadline for translation: Thursday, Jan 21, 11 AM (Moscow)
Deadline for edition: Thursday, Jan 21, 4 PM (Moscow)
Please confirm availability ASAP. Assignment will be on a first come-first serve basis.
How do all these translation companies manage to provide translation to and from up so many languages? How do they check all these translators?

Staying consistent. Pricing for manuals.

Technical Translation

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Accurate technical translations can become your biggest problem.

Sometimes you want a simple text to sound scientific, and sometimes you need to explain highly technical concepts to a general audience in simple, concise ways.

In addition to promotional translators, we have a team of highly experienced technical translators.

Our comprehensive translation capabilities will match any of your informational tasks.


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Our company is a team of translators, proofreaders, and editors, based in St.Petersburg, Russia.

We specialize in high quality English to Russian
technical and marketing translation.

Being mainly a supplier for U.S., Singapore, and Great Britain translation companies outsourcing their Russian translations to us, we take direct orders, too.

We provide high quality Russian translation.
We are never late.